Grail Insights VP to be a Featured Panelist at MRS IoT Consumer Research Conference: September 2019, London.

By Grail Insights Newsroom | September 6, 2019

Justin Charlton-Jones, Grail Insights VP, will share insights from new proprietary research on consumer perceptions and behaviors around IoT. He will be joined by panelists from Gemserv and MRS.

The panel, titled "Addressing Consumer Concerns Around the Internet, Privacy and Data Security," takes place on September 26 at 12:15PM, at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, London. Joining Grail’s VP are co-panelists, Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Gemserv and Camilla Ravazzolo, EU Policy Manager, MRS. Trevor Godman, Divisional Director, GfK, will chair the panel.

Panelists will share what they know about individual and organizational concerns around data security in the age of IoT. Specifically, what tech companies are doing, or can do, to address consumer unease. They will discuss consumer readiness to adopt IoT technologies, demographic differences, and what companies can do to earn their customers’ trust. “When it comes to privacy and data security, consumer trust is shaky at best,” says Justin. “Just as an example, our most recent study shows that fewer than a quarter of US and UK consumers trust the companies that make internet-enabled devices to keep their data secure. And nearly three-quarters think their devices could be hacked or used to spy on them. That’s a wake-up call to companies making internet-enabled devices. I’m looking forward to digging into this further during our panel discussion."

Justin Charlton-Jones is a Vice President of Grail Insights UK. His work with his clients is focused on connecting brands and their audiences across all of their touchpoints; communication and marketing, customer experience and concept and product development. Recently he has spoken at The Market Research Summit and at the Food & Drink Innovation Network on innovative approaches to optimize advertising effectiveness and how to pick winning product ideas and concepts. His work has covered brands as diverse as Facebook and Peugeot/Citroen and Amazon and Nationwide


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