Press Release: Grail Insights Announces Reorganization as an Independent Company

Grail Insights, Formerly Grail Research, Announces Reorganization as a Fully Independent Company

July 27, 2018

Grail Insights, formerly Grail Research, has reorganized as an independent global strategic insights consultancy. Why independence? The company began in 2006 as the strategic research arm of Monitor Group and Grail’s consulting DNA persists today. It then became part of Integreon and greatly expanded its global footprint. Earlier this year, NewQuest Capital acquired Integreon and immediately recognized Grail’s potential as an independent firm.      

Why the name change? Because Grail is an insights company. While primary and secondary research remain cornerstones, Grail’s rigorously holistic approach involves applying data-driven insights to their clients’ financial, procurement, sales, compliance and regulatory functions in ways that extend strategic vision, enhance productivity, capitalize on opportunity and build the bottom line.  

Their mantra: “See Clearly. Act Decisively.” As CEO Rob Stone explains, “Our clients need answers to their most pressing business challenges. But more than that, they want action and implementation, and that’s where Grail parts ways with traditional market research.” Now, with an independent executive team and separate sources of growth funding, Grail is optimally poised to respond decisively to an evolving insights industry and help clients chart the course from insights to action.  

Grail Insights has 250+ consultants, analysts, data scientists and technologists worldwide. For more information visit their new website www.grailinsights.com or contact hello@grailinsights.com.