E-commerce Trends: What’s next for physical and virtual e-commerce?

E-commerce Trends: What’s next for physical and virtual e-commerce?

A March 2020 Mckinsey article from the early days of the pandemic stated, “We have vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of around eight weeks.”

As we begin to see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, industry leaders are asking, “What tech is here to stay?” In May of 2021, Women in Technology and Telecoms (WiTT) assembled a panel to address this question. The panel was composed of thought leaders from consumer, enterprise, health, and retail/e-commerce.

Grail Insights’ Melissa Bane led the retail/e-commerce conversation. She looked at the impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce and what technologies are here to stay, for both physical and virtual e-commerce.

What you’ll learn:

- With 47% of consumers aged 16-60 expect to spend more online post pandemic, what technologies will drive this growth?

- Top three e-commerce trends that are here to stay

- What is driving the rise of virtual e-commerce

About WiTT

Founded 2001 by a group of women executives in the communications and technology industries in the UK, WiTT seeks to educate members on current and future industry trends, provide guidance and mentoring, and serve as a network for women in tech and technology. Learn more at wittgroup.org

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