ITB Asia Show 2020

Digitalization of Tourism: COVID and Beyond at ITB Show Asia 2020

October 2020

COVID-19 has hit the travel and tourism industry especially hard. The entire ecosystem faces critical decisions about how to prepare for a post-COVID world once travelers resume their wanderlust. Digitalization will be a key factor in recovery. The current crisis has not only enhanced digital adoption, it has also made it critical for the sector’s survival. Grail Insights’ Managing Director Vivek Neb partners with Saudi Tourism Authority’s CMO Margie Whitehouse in a LIVE ITB Asia Show 2020 webinar focused on the role of digital transformation in driving post-COVID recovery strategies.

Watch the ITB Asia Show 2020 recorded webinar that covers:

- What are the evolving needs of the tourism ecosystem?

- How can we overcome our current fragility to create an environment with greater openness and trust?

- What constitutes a successful and responsible digital transformation?

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