COVID and Travel Ecosystem Revival Strategy at ITB India Virtual 2021

COVID and the Travel Ecosystem Revival at ITB India Virtual 2021

April 2021

Globally, COVID-19 has had a drastic impact on the global economy. Travel was hit the hardest, primarily due to lockdowns and restrictions on movement across borders and inter-country movement. This is especially so with India. At various times over the past year, a population of 1.3 billion was on lockdown. Although the crisis is far from over, vaccination programs offer a ray of hope to the travel economy.

Watch this webinar to learn about revival strategies across the travel and tourism ecosystem.

- How has Covid-19 changed global travel and tourism? What is the short and long-term impact?

- What is the global tourism industry doing to revive business and build a resilient future?

- How do recovery paths differ by entity?

- How should the Indian travel industry transform to meet the expectations of the post-pandemic world?

- Where do the opportunities lie? What are the underlying trends driving the future of tourism?

- What measures must be adopted by Indian entities to rebuild the travel economy and jobs?

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