Building Muscle Connection Between Actionability and Activation

building muscle connection between actionability and activation

Whether you are C-suite, a corporate research and insights stakeholder, or a research and analysis partner – we all have a keen interest in making insights work.

Many insights partners are focused on actionability, ensuring that whatever we find is something that can, in theory, be put into action. But we need to go beyond actionability. We need to activate. Activation means ensuring that insights are prepared, shared and rolled up for maximum impact and success.

Join Grail Insights' Smisha Samra to learn more about creating a Fitness Routine for Insights:

-How to build a connection between two key muscle groups - actionability and activation.

-How to prepare, share and activate insights so clients don’t just say ‘interesting output.’ Instead, they go ‘yes, let’s act now; this is great to take to my CMO!

-When to start your activation plan. (Hint: it's in the design stage, not at the end of a project.)

-Hear how insights fitness routines have led other clients to success.

Gaining widespread buy-in and support early in the insights process is critical to ensuring findings have the “legs” to reach the desired goal. Smisha will be presenting her insights fitness plan as part of a webinar hosted by Insights Association. The webinar is called "A New Way of Engaging Stakeholders: From Design to Deliverables."

Sign up for the webinar, May 7 @ 2:00, EST.

If you can't make the webinar, or if you'd like to learn more about our fitness routine for insights, contact us at hello@grailinsights.com

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