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In an industry on the move, we help maximize travel and tourism in the face of changing preferences, intensifying competition, increasing disruptions and shrinking resources.

The world travels more now than ever before. But with evolving tastes in travel destinations and experiences, technological disruptions, global events and stiffening competition, both new and established players in the tourism value chain are faced with diminishing returns and eroding market shares. We know this sector is inherently different from other consumer sectors. We understand its discretionary, subjective and intangible nature, as well as its interdependent products and services. Grail has developed proprietary Travel and Tourism research frameworks that solve for the most pressing challenges in the industry today. We support most verticals in the tourism value chain, ranging from the leading destination marketers to the hospitality industry, with expertise conducting research across continents, for both leisure and business travel.

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We are methodology agnostic. We start with a relentless focus on your business problem, and then find the best way to solve it.  Our made-to-order solutions include a mix of big data analytics, primary and secondary research, and meta-analyses. Our strong modeling skills help you build dynamic tools to explore hypotheses and scenarios, and our visual outputs tell you what you need to know, clearly and concisely.

Grail Insights

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