Data Engineer

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That's where we part ways with the limits of lumbering mega-consultancies and the tunnel vision of traditional market research. Grail cares deeply about results beyond the standard PowerPoint deliverable. We are 250 wickedly insightful analysts, consultants, marketing scientists, technologists, data scientists and senior client services officers worldwide, ready to help you identify and seize opportunity, counter threats, and take your business forward.

Job Location: Manila


As a Data Engineer, you are expected to understand the client’s data architecture and will be responsible in developing sustainable algorithms that will aid in data storage/integration, data quality checks, data accessibility and analytics. You will be required to use different technical skills and a variety of tools to produce ready to use forms supporting client data needs. Dealing with multiple types of datasets, yet providing structured approaches that can be leveraged across projects and answer client’s objectives will be a key requirement in this client facing role.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Understanding the client objective and managing client expectations on projects along with the offshore team
  •  Working with client and/or offshore team to create algorithms relating to:
  1. Data storage,
  2. Data quality checks,
  3. data accessibility
  • Independently work with client to scope and deliver on projects as a part of larger team or individually, as required
  • As part of a larger team, align requirements on different work streams and tasks assigned by the client
  • Can independently lead or take on client calls
  • Other Initiatives
    • Assist other teams with client work if you have a skill or insight that may be wanting in the other team
    • Conducting skill-based internal training sessions independently


  •  Graduate with an engineering degree (preferably Computer Science) or a degree in statistics/math with advanced experience in coding or equivalent
  •  2-4 years of relevant experience in as a software developer, data engineer or data scientist with a track record of manipulating, processing, and extracting value from datasets
  •  2-3 years of experience in dealing with international clients
  •  Experience working with or for an investment bank is a plus

Required Skills

  • Experience working with and creating data architectures, and in dealing with both structured and unstructured data
  • Experience in creating automated solutions in data accessibility and analytics, and process efficiencie.
  • Experience in creating systematic or programmatic data quality checks
  • Strong programming skills in Python/R and SQL
  • Prior experience with ETL tools and BI dashboards such as Qlikview/Tableau a plus
  •  Experience in Hadoop data lakes a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication for extensive client handling
  • Familiarity with statistical models and data mining algorithms
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