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An Insights-Driven
Approach to
Customer Success
with Brad Williamson, Managing Director
Customer Success Insights Customer Success Insights

Customer success begins with retention
Use a proactive approach to prevent churn and turn customers into advocates. Customer retention is mission critical for growth. Let us help you shape the journey to next generation customer success.
Go deeper to better know your customers
Use disciplined analytics and research to strengthen customer engagement. The deeper you go, the more you will know. Because we’re an insights company, we can take you deeper.
Go deeper to build a better business
Use customer insights to drive strategy and innovation. Reveal gaps in your product portfolio. Hone your go-to-market, acquisition, and development strategies.

Your customers are the secret to all of it.

Go deeper with Grail

Data-driven insights to answer strategic questions, drive retention, and grow your business
  • Health Scores
  • Custom Promotional Offers
  • Identify Churn Triggers
  • Find Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Conduct Support Ticket Analysis
  • Calculate Customer Lifetime Value
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Improve Operations
Grail Insights Testimonial
"Grail goes way beyond what a typical customer engagement partner can do. They handle our onboarding and customer engagement seamlessly and professionally. But they go deeper, helping us optimize the data we have to better engage with our customers and think about how we are building our business overall.”

- SaaS Customer Success Leader