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ITB Asia, Singapore October 2019

Annual B2B Trade Show For The Travel Industry


16-18 October

(Wed, Thurs, Fri)

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Marina Bay Sands

Convention Centre,

Basement 2



Watch out for Grail Insights

Session on Destination


2:00 PM to 2:30 PM

This session covers an agile, always-on approach to DMO marketing strategy and execution. Using Grail’s Tourism Investment Framework, the session will feature how to analyze the potential of source markets and prioritize those markets based on the destination’s ability to ‘win. The Framework is delivered through a data-driven, dynamic model for resource allocation across different markets and channels. As part of the discussion, there will be a case study presented alongside longtime client, South African Tourism (SAT), showing how the Framework was used to effectively prioritize source markets and allocate marketing budgets.



Vivek Neb

Managing Director, Grail Insights

With over a decade of experience, Neb is a renowned business leader providing advisory to clients across APAC, Africa and Middle East. Neb’s consulting inspires his audience to evolve and persevere through change that translates their aspirations into growth. Prior to ITB Asia, he also presented at ITB Travel Meet, Malaysia to shed light on changing travelers’ behavior in Malaysia and globally.


Mayank Nagpal

Director & SME, Grail Insights

Mayank, an avid traveler, and a seasoned travel and tourism consultant, finds his passion in helping destinations harness their tourism potential, in an impactful and sustainable manner. He is a solutions architect with over a decade's experience of developing and delivering solutions to overcome the pressing challenges of DMOs and other entities in the travel & tourism ecosystem.

bashni muthaya

Bashni Muthaya

Chief Strategy Officer, South African Tourism

Bashni, an experienced CSO, Executive Market Analyst and Commercial Director, has over two decades of sector-specific expertise gathered at senior leadership level, both locally and abroad. Over the course of her 16 years in long service with South African Tourism (SAT), across South Africa and the European Region, Bashni has delivered multiple profitable Marketing Strategies. In her current role as Executive Committee Member, she spearheads key strategy formulation for Tourism promotion.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What are the evolving trends in destination marketing
  • What are the challenges facing Tourism Boards and DMOs
  • How to maximize destination marketing ROI
  • When to balance the potential of source markets with the destination’s ability to ‘win’
  • How to dynamically allocate resources by combining past efforts with market-specific macro and micro parameters
  • How South African Tourism successfully implemented all of the above

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    What is ITB Asia?

    ITB Asia is an annually held three-day B2B trade show and convention for the travel industry; it is designed to become the primary event for the Asia Pacific travel industry, much like its parent event – ITB Berlin. Now in its twelfth year in Singapore, ITB Asia will be taking place at Marina Bay Sands. This is where international exhibitors of all sectors within the travel-value chain commerce, and Asia Pacific’s leading travel companies and emerging small and medium-sized enterprises meet with top international buyers from the MICE, Leisure and Corporate Travel markets