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Balancing patient needs and stakeholder demands within the volatile healthcare landscape requires clear and comprehensive insight.

Healthcare Insights & Market Research Consulting Firm

We help clients navigate the shifting landscape and swiftly answer to both patient need and shareholder demand. Shifting reimbursement to value-based models, fully utilizing technology and data to understand the needs of digitally informed patients, countering the effects of slowing R&D pipelines . . . it all adds up to a complex and ever-changing healthcare market. Grail is uniquely qualified to uncover market forces and the decision-making processes that drive patients, providers and key industry players. Unlike traditional research firms, we draw on our strategic consulting heritage to focus on business decisions and then work backward to methods, integrating qualitative and survey research, secondary analysis and predictive analytics in order to develop integrated insights. We work with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, in 300+ engagements annually, helping them access markets, gather competitive intelligence and define strategies for regulatory compliance. Knowledge Audits, Opportunity Scans and AMPs (Assessment of Market Potential) are just a few of the solutions frameworks we use to identify white-space opportunities and greatly minimize the investment risks of strategic initiatives.

We are methodology agnostic. We start with a relentless focus on your business problem, and then find the best way to solve it.  Our made-to-order solutions include a mix of big data analytics, primary and secondary research, and meta-analyses. Our strong modeling skills help you build dynamic tools to explore hypotheses and scenarios, and our visual outputs tell you what you need to know, clearly and concisely.

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