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In a sector where nuanced insight is hard to find and internal research support can be sparse, Grail is your go-to for clear answers and flexible engagement.

Our clients often seek those highly singular, ‘golden’ insights that can only be gleaned by accessing the knowledge of sector experts. The extent of actionable knowledge available to the traditional B2B sectors is limited, and is often not enough to support high-investment decisions. Unlike many consumer-focused brands, industrial companies seldom have the sustained need for large research departments, which makes digging for gold difficult. Through a logical, stepwise process we help clients make informed, confident decisions that drive business impact. We have experience reaching elusive B2B decision-makers within these sectors to extract the nuanced details needed to assess an investment hypothesis. And we know that a flexible engagement model is key to manufacturers who are often working with sparse internal insights teams. We are adept at working with senior business stakeholders. Over the years, Grail has executed 250+ projects for Industrial clients covering 115+ global markets.

Grail Insights

We are methodology agnostic. We start with a relentless focus on your business problem, and then find the best way to solve it.  Our made-to-order solutions include a mix of big data analytics, primary and secondary research, and meta-analyses. Our strong modeling skills help you build dynamic tools to explore hypotheses and scenarios, and our visual outputs tell you what you need to know, clearly and concisely.

Grail Insights

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