We can help. Grail Insights has a range of insights, research, and analytics skills to start supporting you today. This includes secondary research, primary (qual and quant) research, synthesis, data visualization, data analytics, and process management. We are your flexible partner, able to tailor solutions to suit your needs.

Through the best and worst of times, our crackerjack team of consultants, analysts, data scientists, and all-purpose jugglers delivers flexible solutions and game-changing insights for our clients. Here’s what a few of them say about us.

When the Head of Strategy and M&A had to cut staff in half and needed help delivering against the department’s goals, Grail stepped in. Despite staff cuts, the hunt for acquisitions continued. We helped spot key growth opportunities and profile prime targets.

A large CPG company had a hiring freeze in its insights department, but the business needed to understand sales performance and promotional activities across channels and categories.  In short, they needed to know who was winning, and how.


A European grocery chain experienced a radical shift in sales from offline to online during the Covid-19 pandemic. The C-suite needed to make crisis-speed decisions. We created “emergency dashboards” to track key performance metrics that integrated data across the business. In just ten days Grail had the executive team up and running on PowerBI dashboards.

The market insights team at a large telecommunications company had to pivot to special projects as the company faced unprecedented changing market dynamics. This left them with little bandwidth for day-to-day deliverables. Grail quickly built a team to support three key workstreams: competitor tracking, pricing analysis, and monthly reporting. Our client could focus on the fire drill and still keep up with daily demands.

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We are methodology agnostic. We start with a relentless focus on your business problem, and then find the best way to solve it.  Our made-to-order solutions include a mix of big data analytics, primary and secondary research, and meta-analyses. Our strong modeling skills help you build dynamic tools to explore hypotheses and scenarios, and our visual outputs tell you what you need to know, clearly and concisely.


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