Grail is a global business, with offices in 10 countries around the world. Because the lifecycle of the disease—and community response—varies by region, the specifics of our actions are somewhat different in every office. But, wherever there is a Grailee, our core principles remain the preservation of:

Toward these ends, Grail maintains an evolving set of business policies, adapting as public health officials share additional information, recommendations and directives. These include the following:


31 March 2020.

We are very pleased to inform you that after nearly two months under lockdown, Grail's Beijing office has reopened. Grail employees are complying with strict health and safety measures. The office must stay at 50% capacity at any given time in compliance with government mandated social distancing measures. We are extremely proud of our team for quickly adapting to a work from home model without any disruptions to client service. Most importantly, the team continues to report that all members are safe and healthy. You can find out more about how Beijing is bouncing back here

24 March 2020.

While India has announced a 21-day shutdown, all Grail employees are working productively from home offices.

17 March 2020.

With incidence of the disease in decline in China, Grail has been preparing to re-open its Beijing office in compliance with the thorough (and very sensible) safeguards the Chinese government has issued regarding the resumption of office work. (If any of you are interested in these measures—which include ongoing temperature logs for employees, the rearrangement of workstations, lowered occupancy limits and mandatory quarantine rooms—we would be happy to share. We feel the Chinese government has provided useful and clear leadership that is enabling business activities to resume in a controlled manner.) We are pleased to have weathered this period in China without any Grail associate becoming ill, while maintaining client work in a smooth and continuous manner.

All other offices are in the process of transitioning from partial work-from-home to a full work-from-home standing by the end of this week. Work from the office will be restricted to very limited, business-critical exceptions.

We share your commitment to navigating the current situation in a way that preserves the health of your and our personnel, and our businesses. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.