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build consumer preference
in the age of fickle.

Consumer & Retail

Localized disruption at every turn. Consumer needs continually in flux. We help our Consumer and Retail clients tackle growth challenges head-on.

We understand your competitive and fast-paced industry, where markets are emerging and consumers are evolving at unprecedented speeds. We understand that agility is everything. But staying fast and flexible to meet consumer needs is a challenge, especially for large players serving multiple markets and segments. Our Consumer and Retail team can help you make sense of vast amounts of disparate data, understand the ‘why’s’ and deliver on the ‘so what’s’.

Grail Insights

We are methodology agnostic. We start with a relentless focus on your business problem, and then find the best way to solve it.  Our made-to-order solutions include a mix of big data analytics, primary and secondary research, and meta-analyses. Our strong modeling skills help you build dynamic tools to explore hypotheses and scenarios, and our visual outputs tell you what you need to know, clearly and concisely.

Grail Insights

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for quick turn projects or for ongoing partnerships where we become an extension of your team, from our offices or co-located at your own.

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