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Strategic & Operational Support to Scale your Customer Success Team

Your customers’ success is the key to your success. Companies with sophisticated Customer Success capabilities see higher customer retention rates, sell more upgrades, get more referrals, and grow. All by being relentlessly focused on their customers’ success and by leveraging customer data to fuel strategic growth.

Many companies find themselves needing both a strategic and operational partner to scale their Customer Success capabilities. Some are already great at engaging customers and enabling their success. They just need help to scale their customer success team. A few are going even further by using customer insights data to drive strategy, build products, and fuel future growth. But others are lagging behind. Wherever you are in your Customer Success evolution, we can help.

Grail Insights helps companies build their vision for Customer Success and use customer data to help grow their entire business.

Transform Your Customer Success Offering With Customer Success Management + Deep Analytics

You can think of us as a seamless extension of your own Customer Success management team. We can handle onboarding and all ongoing support in precise accordance with your processes. Your extension team gives you flexibility to scale quickly.

As a strategic consultancy, Grail can also help you transform how you use customer data and drive growth across your entire organization. You’ll get global and scalable flexibility, deep analytical capabilities, and understanding of the strategic value of Customer Success.


We’ll work with you to design and build your Customer Success management team with an eye toward the future, providing additional expert Customer Success capacity and an informed perspective on team design and operations.


You’ll get support for all your regions with time-zone-appropriate teams in multiple languages. Back-office resources provide cost leverage for tasks that can be executed remotely, making your local teams more efficient and effective.


Leverage our breadth of analytics and data modeling capabilities to drive metrics-led optimization of your Customer Success management team's performance. Use disciplined analytics and research to strengthen customer engagement.


Don't be satisfied with passively collecting unsolicited feedback from customers. Use data from your Customer Success capability to proactively drive strategy and inform critical business decisions.

Customer Success is a Goldmine of Behavioral Data

Unlocking the full value of your Customer Success capability requires strong analytics and advanced customer churn predictive models plus strategically-grounded consultants to connect the dots between customer data and your business priorities. We help you use customer data to inform broader business strategies.

Build Products

Leverage customers’ usage behavior, assess product gaps, identify unmet needs, test and validate new concepts

Channel Strategy

Find the ideal direct and/or partner channels to engage new and existing customers and accelerate revenue


Understand customer segments and behaviors, including the customer journey experience and customer life cycle, to inform sales and marketing initiatives

Strategic Alliances & Acquisitions

Identify partnerships or acquisitions that address weaknesses in your product portfolio or provide growth opportunity

Improve Operations

Evaluate and track trends for operational metrics to inform process improvement

"Grail goes way beyond what a typical customer engagement partner can do. They handle our onboarding and customer engagement seamlessly and professionally. But they go deeper, helping us optimize the data we have to better engage with our customers and think about how we are building our business overall.”
- SaaS Customer Success Leader

Ready to Make Customer Success Your Growth Engine?

Let us help you scale quickly while leveraging customer insights to drive growth.