Supercharge Vendor Management & Procurement Impact with Business Process Insights

Get Ready for Business Transformation
Without A Slow and Costly Technology Overhaul
Vendor Management and Procurement leaders across industries share a similar set of challenges:

  • Demonstrating savings and added value to the company
  • Getting employees and partners working optimally together
  • Clear and actionable metrics on vendor performance
  • Scouting new partners with the right skills and operating models
That’s a lot on your shoulders. We’re here to help.

The good news is you don’t need a cumbersome technology overhaul to unlock business-transforming insights. Maintain control of your business transformation. You’ll drive change, not your IT department.

An Insights Solution, Not An Infrastructure Overhaul

You’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish with the tech stack you already have in place.
What you can expect
  • Bespoke, right-sized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach you’d see from large consulting firms

  • Scaled engagements that can be as quick as 8 weeks, or a sustained partnership that’s tailored to you needs

  • Process transformation that works with your existing technologies

  • Playing well with others. We’re all about partnering with other business units and your external partners to achieve client success.

BPI Benefits for Vendor Management & Procurement

Contract Quality Assurance

Contract Quality

Renegotiation Leverage


Supplier Performance Monitoring

Supplier Performance

Optimized Data Flows

Optimized Data

Automated Reporting


Grail has helped teams like yours transform data flow and simplify vendor management through insight.
Find out how one client reduced their supplier management effort by 50% while improving supplier performance across key metrics.
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