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Anticipate Risk and Protect Your Organization with Business Process Insights
Regulatory and Compliance leaders are the unwavering protectors of an organization. Always on guard and on the lookout for regulation and policy change, the impacts of which could ripple across the entire business.

We can help.

Keeping a vigilant eye on local, national, international (and internal!) changes depends on full visibility and accurate data. Contextual and timely insights help you stay one step ahead, so you can plan a swift, innovative and effective response.

Grail Insights is a leader in the fast-growing field of Business Process Insights. We work with business management teams in Finance, Procurement, and Regulatory and Compliance. As an insights company, we help these vital support teams make confident, data-driven decisions by ensuring they have the data and insight they need to protect their organizations.

An Insights Solution, Not An Infrastructure Overhaul

Grail works with your existing technology. We’re not an off-the-shelf product. Your Compliance and Regulation team drives the process, not your IT department.
You’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish with the tech stack you already have in place.
What you can expect
  • Bespoke, right-sized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach you’d see from large consulting firms

  • Flexible engagements as short as 8 weeks or a sustained partnership to fit your needs

  • Process transformation that works with your existing technologies

  • Adaptable in the age of COVID-19 with anywhere, anytime remote client service solutions
Safeguard Data and Knowledge Assets

Safeguard Data and
Knowledge Assets

Structure and Implement Compliance Processes

Structure and Implement Compliance Processes

Drive Change Management

Drive Change

Quality Assurance


Optimize Data Flows

Data Flows

Automate Reporting


Compliance & Regulatory Success

Grail helped a Compliance and Regulatory team at a top technology company save millions in fraud loss.

When it comes to Compliance, we know it's critical to have unimpeachable systems. One of our clients, a major tech player, already had strict internal checks in place. But they needed to expand the scope of quality assurance. They needed ongoing support to keep up with constantly changing regulations. After all, they were processing millions of financial transactions in over 100 countries, every single day. They needed to mitigate risk, quickly and permanently.

Our Compliance and Regulatory insights solutions helped reduce the quality assurance review cycle from two weeks to two days

The client increased its operational accuracy rate from ~80% to ~98%

Quality assurance coverage increased by 400%

Contact us about how we can help you optimize your processes and protect your company with Compliance and Regulatory Insights.

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