Finance Analytics & Process Improvement for Finance Operations

Finance Operations. It’s the heart of any organization. FinOps keeps the blood pumping. The organization looks to you for timely reporting, accurate forecasting, on-time payroll, critical financial data for informed decision-making, and a bright bottom line. (And that’s just Tuesday for FinOps.)

We can help.

Keeping that blood pumping also depends on other functions feeding FinOps real-time visibility and accurate data. Bad finance data -- whether it comes from an external function or your own -- can have a profound ripple effect across the organization. We can help you optimize your business finance planning and finance analytics so you can protect your company.

The good news is you don’t need a cumbersome technology overhaul to unlock business-transforming insights. Maintain control of your finance process improvement. You’ll drive change, not your IT department.

Finance Process Improvement, Not An Infrastructure Overhaul

You’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish with the technology you already have in place.
What You’ll Get with Business Process Insights
  • Bespoke, right-sized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach you’d see from large consulting firms

  • Scaled engagements that can be as quick as 8 weeks, or a sustained partnership that’s tailored to your needs

  • Advanced financial analytics and data management

  • Process transformation that works with your existing technologies

  • Flexible client service, remote or on-site as per your needs
The Benefits of Business Process Insights & Advanced Finance Analytics
Revenue and Cost Management

Revenue and Cost Management

Resource Planning and Optimization

Resource Planning and Optimization

Improved Process Effectiveness

Improved Process Effectiveness

Faster Turnaround Times

Faster Turnaround Times

Trustworthy Data


Optimized Data Flows


A FinOps Success Story
Find out how the CFO of a high-growth SaaS company collected millions in unbilled services using Business Process Insights. With our process solution, the client achieved 100% billing accuracy while reducing the time spent on monthly invoicing by 75%. Complete the below to get the case study.
Grail helps FinOps teams like yours improve processes with advanced finance analytics.

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