all your data all in one place


Easily Find

Real-Time Insights

With Dashboards

Many organizations struggle to get accurate data in front of decision-makers when they need it most. But when you’ve got all your data all in one place, then there’s no more scrambling over urgent stakeholder requests.

Get everything in one place

with user-friendly interactive dashboards, tailor-made for your business.

  • Be ready at a moment’s notice for any stakeholder request

  • Empower your stakeholders to make confident, data-driven decisions

  • Visualize ,filter, and dig deeper into what drives your business

  • Democratize data across your organization with self-service analytics

  • Get back the time you’d spend searching for numbers to deliver actionable business insights

The Grail Difference

Other companies build dashboards. The Grail difference is we take a consultative, tool-agnostic approach. Our seasoned consultants start with an understanding of your business needs. Then we design a tailored mix of dashboard solutions and reporting support that works for you.

The Grail Benefits

  • Our dashboards allow you to consolidate your organization’s data all in one place
  • A single source of truth, with all your live data all in one place
  • Answers to questions are only a click away, even if you need multiple versions of the answer for different groups
  • Anyone with access to your dashboards can quickly answer their own questions in real-time
  • You can concentrate on the insights and storyline, rather than navigating the maze of data fetching
  • Dashboards are scalable; if you need new metrics they can be added
  • Dashboard outputs are visual, you automatically get graphs, maps . . . no PowerPoint required
  • Dashboards are only as good as the content; our consultants will design them to get your best insights

Dashboards are the ‘clutter busters’ of the data world.
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all your data, all in one place

We’ve been overloaded with data for years, with no easy way to extract insights. Now with just a few clicks, our dashboard gives us granular analysis and we can answer questions fast. It has given us back much needed time.

- VP Consumer Insights, Beauty and Personal Care Division - Large CPG Company

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