Insights should work for everyone. But they rarely do. Too often, operational functions struggle under the weight of their own data. Grail helps vital ‘support’ teams boost productivity through insight.

We’ve helped a lot of great companies that were initially not so great at effectively using data and sharing it across business functions. And you don’t need a complex and costly technology overhaul to do this.

It’s called Business Process Insights. Leveraging insights across organizations requires a process solution, not a technology solution. We work with your existing tech, so you drive the change, not your IT department. By overlaying analytics on operational work streams, you’ll increase productivity, enhance customer value, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk.

Grail’s “Insights for All” approach brings insights to a host of operational functions: FP&A, HR, Supplier Management, Finance Operations, Legal, Regulatory and more. As strategic consultants, we know well-oiled processes are essential to your business. As analysts and data scientists, we mine insights for business growth. As an insights company, we believe in #insightsforall.

Easily Find

Real-Time Insights

With Dashboards

We’ll build you a custom dashboard that consolidates all your data, all in one place. With dashboards, you can easily create graphs, charts, and other powerful data visualizations. Spend your time on strategy and insights instead of fetching data.

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Choose Grail to:

Process Optimization

Whatever your particular operational roadblock, we help clear the way forward through systematic analytics. We document steps and procedures for effective recordkeeping and employee training, and facilitate implementation and feedback loops for continuous improvement. Our teams works in lockstep with yours – both on and offsite - to automate, optimize and drive faster and more accurate operations.

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