Using Bespoke Secondary Research to Build a Multi-Market Expansion Strategy

Using Bespoke Secondary Research to Build a Multi-Market Expansion Strategy


All markets have cultural and behavioral nuances. It's what makes the world a fascinating place. It's also what makes market expansion tricky. A major multinational company was considering expanding into over a dozen geographic markets. A successful expansion needed a thorough digging into the local competitive landscape. There were some suspected cultural biases. And the client needed to understand market readiness for a novel experience. They also needed a strategic investment timeline for markets of interest.


With a double-digit number of markets to assess, Grail took a bespoke secondary approach. The team wanted to make the decision-making process crystal-clear for the client. So they created a robust, custom go-to-market framework to rank markets of interest. Grail hunted down the relevant information using multiple databases. We then synthesized the data across key framework pillars. After sifting and sorting through large volumes of information, we ranked markets by their attractiveness. Criteria included market readiness, competitive landscape, and market potential.

Grail Insights Approach "Grail's go-to-market framework is a great tool for an informed market entry. The research was well-designed, thoughtfully packaged, and provided actionable insights. The partnership with Grail generated key business decisions."

Senior Market Research Manager


Grail's market expansion ranking framework, along with an accounting of subtle cultural and market differences proved to be solid input for the client's strategic planning.

We specialize in intelligently curated secondary-derived insights, packaged in bite-sized reports that are rich in visuals, interactive outputs, dashboards, and more. Contact us at hello@grailinsights.com to learn more about our secondary expertise and how we can help.

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