How Dashboards Organize Your Data for Better, Faster, Easier Reporting

How Dashboards Organize Your Data For Better, Faster, Easier Reporting


How does a company with many different data sources and a steady stream of questions from senior management get a handle on the key performance indicators for their business? A global CPG company found itself regularly scrambling to gather data. There were non-stop, last-minute requests from the executive team. The data was located in a variety of different databases, and sometimes different sources showed different numbers for the same data point. 

The insights and reporting teams felt like they were on a hamster wheel. Constantly chasing down and validating data across multiple sources. And when the follow-up questions rolled in the next day, they were right back on the hamster wheel. What they needed was a system that provided up-to-date key performance metrics, all in one place, where they could interact and sort data to analyze it in real-time.


Grail started with an audit of all the client’s data sources to first ‘know what was known.’ This wasn't easy. It is a common challenge for companies where various business metrics are in different places. Add in employee turnover, and often companies can lose track of what they are researching and tracking.

The audit gave the client a clear view of all the data sources they use to track performance. From there, we moved on to workshopping out what key data was needed to answer the most common questions on a regular basis.

Our solution was a set of dashboards. We cleaned up disparate and legacy data sources and built a new data warehouse. This step also included the set-up and automation of various market, financial and consumer data flows through ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) processes.


The client’s new dashboards centralized key data for their most common business questions. Managers could easily manipulate, sort, and analyze that data, and follow up on their stakeholders' questions in near real-time. What's more, the dashboards we created instantly export to PowerPoint. No more building endless slides only to start from scratch the next day. The team was able to answer questions in less than half the time and finally get off the data-fetching hamster wheel.

Grail takes a consultative, tool-agnostic approach to dashboards. We'll work with the dashboarding technology that best suits your IT environment. To learn more, check out our dashboard video demo

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