Household Brand’s Battle Plan Helps Beat Competition

Household Brand's Battle Plan Helps Beat Competition


A Fortune 500 consumer goods giant found itself unprepared for a wave of innovation in its market and suddenly saw an uptick in competition from both old and new players. The company quickly saw an impact on its business and needed a way to both track competitor product launches and assess the impact on market share. They faced the additional challenge of limited internal resources and a complex internal matrix structure that resulted in scattered access to market information.


This client needed a battle plan. Grail set up war game scenarios, then ran a series of strategy workshops to help clients make crucial decisions for each scenario. We set up a dedicated team to monitor and assess global and local competition on a quarterly basis to help the client get a 360 degree view of the competition. We monitored each player across sub-segments – evaluating their manufacturing and sourcing horizons, analyzing their financial performance, tracking product launches, innovations, IP & R&D investments, assessing their go-to-market strategies, recent activities, and growth-plan and scanning their social media and e-commerce platforms.

Grail Insights Approach "We needed to keep a close pulse on the competitive landscape and follow its rapidly changing dynamics. With the CI Tracker and War Game workshops, Grail Insights help us gain fresh insights on competition, strengthening our readiness to react, and enabling us to stay ahead of market trends."


Based on our tracking, the client could build a dynamic strategic plan based on expected competitor behavior. We then doubled the coverage from 8 close competitors to 16, and expanded the depth of information, covering more than 25 players’ variables, including patents, product launch pipeline, go-to-market strategy, pricing, social media reviews. Through ongoing intelligence our client could adjust strategy in real time, rebuild market share and better positioning itself for future battles.

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