Hard-to-Find Insights Help Major Retailer Reorganize and Thrive

Hard-to-Find Insights Help Major Retailer Reorganize and Thrive


A major retailer was struggling with their marketing labor expenses. They engaged a management consulting firm to help them rebuild their marketing organization and prioritize spend on the basis of 'best practices.' But that's much easier said than done. Key competitors aren't enthusiastic about publishing confidential org charts or sharing the key principles underneath their marketing investment strategy. Knowing how difficult it would be to find this confidential information, the consulting firm engaged Grail to uncover those essential yet elusive practices that would restructure the marketing department to optimize and thrive.


We put our top data detectives on the case. Taking a creative, multi-faceted approach, we recreated the marketing organizational structure and spending of 17 peer firms, on a position-by-position basis. By integrating secondary data, web-based analytics, financial statement analysis, and insights gleaned from expert interviews we were able to shed light on how key competitors and peer firms were running their marketing departments. We didn’t stop at that. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, we compared their modeled estimates to our client’s actual expenses and adjusted our model to account for incomplete data.

Grail Insights Approach "Grail supplied us with difficult-to-obtain competitive insights, making it possible to build the optimal organizational structure and spend."


You can’t build on ‘best practices’ when you don’t know what they are. Grail found them. Some of the insights we uncovered were contrary to the client’s assumptions, which gave their management consulting firm the critical knowledge required to reorganize based on actual, rather than assumed, ‘best practices’ and change long-standing behaviors. Based on these hard-to-find insights, their management firm delivered an innovative plan that revolutionized this retailer’s marketing organization.

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