E-COMMERCE CASE STUDY: Research Fuels Online Gifting Growth For A Global Fmcg

E-COMMERCE CASE STUDY: Research Fuels Online Gifting Growth For A Global Fmcg


Online gifting is booming. The e-commerce division of a global FMCG company wanted in, but first they needed to assess the opportunity and build an investment case. They needed a data-driven, go-to-market strategy to get the greenlight.


Given this was an emerging channel for the client, they faced a number of challenges: understanding channel behaviors, sizing the market, identifying priority markets, tracking trends in online gifting and more.

We leveraged a multi-methodology approach that included e-commerce analytics, market insights, and a multi-market survey. This included:

Grail Insights Approach "Grail’s approach delivered with a clear story, data-driven insights, and identifiable opportunities to action."

Head of Global eCommerce and Analytics


The mixed methodology approach delivered on all counts. The research:

Actionable insights from this study now inform go-to-market strategy for each country, new product and packaging, and plans for DTC sites. For the e-commerce team, it led to a fast greenlight for online gifting growth.

Across categories we’ve seen new strategies and applications for online gifting emerging in the last year. While shoppers are beginning to return to brick-and-mortar retail as more people are vaccinated and COVID protocols begin to lift, there’s strong evidence to suggest that online gifting is here to stay.

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