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Boosting Negotiation Leverage In Low Data Availability Markets


When you're in critical negotiations, there's nothing more valuable than insights. Large pharmaceutical brands within large markets can usually get their hands on competitive market insights. But sometimes -- even for the big guys -- it can be difficult to get a true read on their marketplace positioning within smaller emerging markets. It can also be hard to see the gaps in a product category and where opportunities lie ahead.

The vaccines business unit of a major pharma company approached Grail Insights under these conditions. Their vaccine showed the potential to protect millions of people in these countries. But they needed help bolstering their sales pitch to over 20 governing municipalities in emerging markets.


Grail knows the APAC, AfME, and LATAM regions. These are markets where traditional information is lacking. However, our experience working with both blockbuster and smaller brands within these markets enabled us to get proxy information quickly. Our solution combined secondary research and in-depth interviews with regional experts. What we learned enabled our client to segment vaccine tenders by public and private markets within individual regions. We then assessed key tenders, pricing trends, and localized nuances.

This helped our client identify existing markets at risk because of misaligned pricing strategies. Our efforts also helped our client prioritize entry into new high demand markets, based on GNI per capita and other macro-economic factors.


Armed with hard-to-find intelligence, our client was able to successfully negotiate and renew existing tenders. With favorable pricing structures, they were able to advance to the shortlist of government vaccine providers in emerging markets.

Grail Insights specializes in uncovering hard-to-find insights. We'll get you the answers you need to tell your story and make confident decisions. Talk to us at hello@grailinsights.com

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