Accelerating Revenue Growth through Market Focus and Sales Force Effectiveness

Accelerating Revenue Growth through Market Focus and Sales Force Effectiveness


Accelerate Sales Growth: It’s a familiar mandate. It’s also a daunting mandate when you don’t have the insights to act on your customers' triggers and barriers. An emerging global leader in cutting-edge application performance monitoring and cloud technology had to accelerate sales growth across international and US markets. This meant defining and sizing the market as well as developing relevant tools and sales support materials to equip account teams in the field. Lack of insights from the internal CRM system only made matters worse for the head of sales.


Grail set to work building a strategic blueprint for future rollouts across all sales/account teams. We then conducted a deep internal audit of past materials, digging for what was already known and used primary and secondary market research to find the unknowns. Despite huge challenges around data availability and authenticity we were able to fill in the gaps, developing highly detailed custom reports on select target markets. Once a robust standardized market strategy template was in place, we turned our attention to the internal CRM system, with the objective of driving insights around wins/losses at both salesperson and team levels. Identification of key loss triggers helped the team design new sales materials for specific customer pain points, which sales leadership folded into the firm’s sales training.

Grail Insights Approach "Grail has helped us do so much more with our own data. Our sales team is now armed with the right materials for the right customers. They are a great ongoing partner."


Grail identified the priority markets to help get their business pointed in the right direction and provided them with the sales insights necessary to succeed with customers. Grail has now been working with this client ongoing for three years and in the last fiscal year their revenue grew 35%.

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